Give your customers a faster, more secure way to pay with Google Pay

Google Pay enables quicker, safer checkout on sites, in apps, and in stores. With a simple integration, you can access hundreds of millions of cards saved to Google Accounts and open up your business for more business.

Plus, it’s free for you and your customers.

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Take the effort out of checkout

Enable a faster, more convenient shopping experience across all the devices your customers already use.

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“We do believe that digital wallet payments will be a large part of future transactional growth. We find it very beneficial that Google is trying to push this forward.”

John Kim, Technical Lead

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"35% of Google Pay users previously used a different method of payment indicating they now prefer to use Google Pay for their repeat purchases."

Jon Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer

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“Since integrating the new API, we have seen a 600% increase in the number of unique users paying with Google Pay. This is with very limited promotion, indicating users increasingly prefer this as their go-to payment method.”

Steve Neumann, Lead Product Manager

“HotelTonight found that customers who had Google Pay selected as their payment type were 65% more likely to complete the booking flow.”

Madhu Prabaker, Director of Product

“We have seen the average daily transaction volume facilitated by Google jump 11x since we switched from Android Pay to Google Pay.”

Kapil Mokhat, Director of Payments Programs and Partnerships

“We've found sustainable Google Pay growth with its share of Android App orders up 30% weeks after our promo ended.”

Adam Rockmore, SVP, Head of Marketing & Communications

Our entire sales funnel was lifted by 20x simply by adding Google Pay as a payment type as well as the defaulted prominent payment type for new user.”

Anthony Broad-Crawford, Chief Product Officer

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“Upgrading to Google Pay required minimal effort -- even less than we expected -- due to the way Google made the transition transparent for us as merchants.”

Steve Neumann, Lead Product Manager

“Google Pay conversion performed 2X better than regular credit card checkout flow on Android.”

Jake Siegal, VP of Product

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  • Google Pay app on Google Pixel 2
    'Google Pay App Sample Interface 1: nearby WholeFoods Market $5 gift card Dunkin Donuts promotion Use GooglePay at Dunkin Donuts 3 times and earn a $5 gift card Get started Recent Activity Zynga $1.00'
  • Google Pay app on Google Pixel 2
    'Google Pay App Sample Interface 2: Google Pay Whole Foods Market $125.34 1200 Varney Pl. Sacramento 4:34pm Get helpful info while you shop Google Pay will let you know when there are offers and more available nearby Turn on location'

Implementation is easier than you think

Getting started with Google Pay is simple — get set up in a few days.

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