Check out a better checkout

Online and in-store, Google Pay gives your customers a faster, simpler way to pay.

Buy with Google Pay
Buy with Google Pay

Behold, the power of a button

With a click, your customers can choose any payment method saved in their Google Account and check out almost instantly across apps and sites.

Increased sales

Increased sales

Checkout is simple and fast, decreasing your customers’ time-to-buy, and increasing your conversions.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Google has billions of users, and hundreds of millions of cards on file. Get access, and get paid.

Easy integration

Easy Integration

Set up the Google Pay API, and start getting paid in under a week.

No fees

No Fees

It’s free, and you and your customers won’t be charged a thing when a purchase is made.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Google securely stores payment information and only shares what’s needed for each transaction — reducing risk and exposure to fraud.

Card Declined

Card Declined

Enhanced security and identity controls means Google Pay transactions are rejected less frequently than card only transactions.


"Since integrating the new API, we have seen a 600% increase in the number of unique users paying with Google Pay. This is with very limited promotion, indicating users increasingly prefer this as their go-to payment method."

Steve Neumann, Lead Product Manager

Google Pay
Google Pay Successful Google Pay payment
Bank of America credit card
Google Pay

Capitalize on contactless

Meet your customers right where they are with a
mobile approach at in-store checkout.

Faster checkout

Faster Checkout

With Google Pay, there's no need for your customers to dig for their cards – they can easily use the device already in their hand.

Location-based engagement

Location-based Engagement

Invite nearby customers to visit more often, and send them real-time reminders to use gift cards, coupons, and offers when they do.

Extra security

Extra Security

Google Pay doesn’t share your customers’ actual payment information when they pay in stores. A unique encrypted number is used instead, so their information stays secure.

Instant loyalty

Smart tap

Google Pay’s smart tap technology makes it easy for your customers to rack up rewards and loyalty points by simply holding their phones to NFC point‑of‑sale terminals.

More reach

More Reach

Customers can store your loyalty cards, gift cards, and offers all in one place – meaning you can build brand affinity and engage with them more personally, more often.

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