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Shop small, earn $10 cashback

Make a contactless payment at your favorite small business with a
Pixel phone to earn $10 cashback.* Get started in the app

*T&C apply, see the app for details. Not valid at the top 200 retailers, having more than 500 employees, such as fast-food restaurant chains, gas stations or large grocery stores.

Pay contactless,
get $10 cashback

Pay contactless,
get $10 cashback

Tap to pay with Pixel at your favorite qualifying small business*, like your local bakery or coffee shop.

Get the app

Download the Google Pay app on your Pixel.

Add a payment method

Add a card, set it up for contactless payments, and opt-in to offers and rewards.

Pay contactless

Tap to pay at qualifying small businesses with your phone.

Get rewarded

Earn $10 cashback in your Google Pay balance.

Safe, simple, and helpful

Download Google Pay on your Pixel phone.