If You are accepting these Additional Terms of Service on behalf of an organization, You represent and warrant that (a) You have the legal authority to bind that organization to these Additional Terms of Service, and (b) You have read and understand these Additional Terms of Service. If You don't have the legal authority to bind Your organization, please don't click the “I agree” button.


Effective Date: February 22, 2021

1. Introduction

1.1 Thanks for using Google Pay’s Business Console. “Google Pay’s Business Console” is a service provided to businesses at https://pay.google.com/business/console.

1.2 To access or use Google Pay’s Business Console, You must accept (a) the Google Terms of Service, (b) these Google Pay’s Business Console Additional Terms of Service, and comply with (c) the Google Pay Policies for Business (together, these documents are known as the “Terms”). Please read each of these documents carefully. They establish what You can expect from us as You use Google Pay's Business Console, and what we expect from You. If these Google Pay’s Business Console Additional Terms of Service conflict with the Google Terms of Service, these Google Pay’s Business Console Additional Terms of Service will govern for Google Pay’s Business Console and related services. Although it’s not a part of these Terms, we also encourage You to read the Google Privacy Policy to better understand how You can view and manage Your information.

1.3 For purposes of these Terms: (a) “Console Admin” means the user who initially created the Google Pay’s Business Console Profile (“Console Profile”) and/or a user associated with Google Pay's Business Console who possesses administrative-level access; (b) “Console User” means each additional user associated with the Console Profile who is not the Console Admin; and (c) “You” or “Your” means any individual user, business user, or organization (as described in the Google Terms of Service) of Google Pay's Business Console, either as a Console Admin or as a Console User.

1.4 Google Pay's Business Console includes web and mobile web versions of Google Pay's Business Console that Google may make available to You. These include creation, management, publishing, integration, listing and other tools with respect to the payments products, services, and applications provided by Google, and other services offered by Google or Google’s partners from time to time for use by businesses (“Google Pay Business Products and Services”), as well as metrics and insights based on data derived from Your use of Google Pay's Business Console and of other payments products, services, and applications offered by Google. In addition, Google Pay's Business Console enables You to (a) onboard partners to Your business into Google Pay's Business Console and (b) connect Your business to other Google products.

1.5 There may be certain features of Google Pay's Business Console that are optional or additional. If You choose to use such features, including the Google Pay Business Products and Services, then You may be required to agree to separate terms and policies that are specific to those features. For example, if You use Google Pay's Business Console to manage Your integration with certain Google Pay Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”), then You may be required to accept separate terms of service and policies applicable to those APIs. In addition, if You use Google Pay's Business Console in connection with other Google products or services, then You also agree to any terms applicable to those other Google products or services.

1.6 If You have any questions or complaints regarding Google Pay's Business Console, please visit our Help Center or contact us by clicking “Contact support” in Google Pay's Business Console.

2. What We Expect From You

2.1 You are responsible for the organizations listed on Your Console Profile, which means that in addition to following the basic rules of conduct in the Google Terms of Service, You must, when using Google Pay's Business Console:

  1. Comply with applicable laws and industry best practices when operating and promoting Your organization, including obtaining all applicable licenses and approvals;
  2. Comply with the Google Pay Policies for Business;
  3. Ensure that Your content is correct, up to date, and complete; and
  4. Supply all required disclaimers, warnings and notices (or if You rely on anything supplied by Google, ensure their sufficiency for Your organization).

2.2 You may arrange for a platform provider, developer, or other third party to assist You with establishing and utilizing Your Console Profile. You will remain responsible for any acts or omissions by Your agents and subcontractors accessing Google Pay’s Business Console on Your behalf.

3. Restrictions on Use

3.1 You may not use Google Pay's Business Console:

  1. beyond the intended functionality of Google Pay’s Business Console outlined in these Terms and any other documentation, or in violation of the Google Pay Policies for Business;
  2. to engage in, promote or encourage illegal activity or abusive behavior;
  3. to disable, interfere with, reverse engineer, or circumvent any aspect of Google Pay's Business Console; or
  4. to access any other Google product or service in a manner that violates the terms of service of such other Google product or service.

4. Privacy and Your Information

4.1 Although it’s not a part of these Terms, the Google Privacy Policy describes how any data collected in connection with Your access or use of Google Pay's Business Console is handled by Google.

4.2 You are responsible for all activity relating to Your Console Profile and Your use of Google Pay's Business Console, including any use of Your account password and any content submitted to Google Pay's Business Console through Your account.

4.3 You authorize us to access Your Google Pay Business Console account and Your Console Profile to help You troubleshoot or manage it.

5. Submitting Content

5.1 You may submit Your content to Google Pay’s Business Console using various means. You agree to submit content in a manner that complies with any instructions or specifications provided by Google. Except with Google’s prior written permission, You may not (and will not assist or knowingly permit any third party to) submit content to Google that could be used or recognized as personally identifiable information or personal data, other than the information You may provide as part of Your Console Profile and to access Google Pay's Business Console either as a Console Admin or as a Console User.

5.2 If the content You submit contains URLs or similar content, You grant Google the right to access, index, cache, or crawl the URL(s) and any content available through such URL(s). For example, Google may utilize an automated software program to retrieve and analyze the websites associated with such URL(s).

5.3 If You operate a service that enables third parties to provide their content to Google Pay's Business Console, Your service must clearly and conspicuously disclose to such third parties that their content will be provided to Google and may be made available to the general public. Your service, application or site must also use one of the authentication methods set forth in the documentation made available by Google, specifically for providing such third-party content.

6. Brand Features, Intellectual Property Rights, Licenses and Publicity

6.1 For purposes of these Terms, (a) “Brand Features” means the trade names, trademarks, service marks, proprietary logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features or business identifiers of each party, respectively, as owned (or licensed) by such party from time to time, and (b) “Intellectual Property Rights” means all patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, rights in trade secrets, database rights, moral rights, and any other intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered) throughout the world.

6.2 Each party will own all right, title, and interest, including, all Intellectual Property Rights, relating to its Brand Features. Except as provided in these Terms, neither party grants, nor will the other party acquire, any right, title, or interest in or to any Brand Features or Intellectual Property Rights of the other party.

6.3 The following licence covers the basic profile information in Your Console Profile, if that information is protected by Intellectual Property Rights: You give Google an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license, for the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, to publicly display, publish, publicly perform, reproduce, adapt, translate, modify, distribute and create derivative works of the basic profile information about Your business (such as the organization name, location and address, business and customer support phone numbers, customer support contact email address, business category, hours of operation, and websites) that You provide to Google via Your Console Profile, any Google Pay mobile application, or through any other means.

6.4 All other content, including any Brand Features, that You provide to Your Console Profile is licensed to Google under the Google Terms of Service.

6.5 If you’ve uploaded any Brand Features (such as a logo) to Your Console Profile, You permit Google to use Your Brand Features (including the associated Intellectual Property Rights) to identify You: (a) across Google’s products and services (for example, on any Google Pay mobile application or Google-owned online or mobile properties); (b) in advertising Your use of Google’s products or services in any advertising format; (c) when making announcements (for example, announcing the availability of the purchase and sale of Your products or services through Google Pay) or otherwise marketing Your use of Google Pay’s Business Console or other Google products or services; and (d) in presentations or customer lists. Of course, You may revoke the permission to use any of Your Brand Features, as described here, by giving Google written notice and a reasonable period of time to cease such use. If You modify Your Brand Features after submission in Google Pay's Business Console, please upload Your updated Brand Features to Your Console Profile as soon as practicable.

7. Modification, Termination and Other Changes

7.1 Please refer to the Google Terms of Service to review how Google may modify or terminate Your access to the features and functionalities of Google Pay’s Business Console.

7.2 If Google discontinues Google Pay's Business Console, unless not possible under the circumstances, Google will give You reasonable advance notice. If Google discontinues any critical feature or functionality, Google will endeavor to provide at least thirty (30) days prior written notice via in-product messaging, email, blog posts, or through other reasonable means. This doesn’t limit Google’s ability to make changes required to comply with applicable law, address a material security risk, or avoid a substantial economic or material technical burden.

7.3 The Google Terms of Service describe when Google may change the Terms and when we will provide notice of such changes. For Google Pay’s Business Console, Google will post notice of modifications to Google Pay's Business Console Additional Terms of Service on Google Pay’s Business Console (https://pay.google.com/business/console) and by sending an email to Your contact email.