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Create a smarter shopping experience for you and your customers with Google Pay.

Google Pay App Sample Interface 1: Google Pay get helpful info while you shop
Google Pay App Sample Interface 2: Google Pay Southwest airlines ticket
Google Pay App Sample Interface 3: Google Pay Walgreens, Panera, Dunkin' Donuts and Best Buy passes list

All it takes is an API

With the Google Pay API for Passes, you can connect your business to millions of Google users by managing and promoting your loyalty programs, gift cards, offers, tickets, and boarding passes. You can even send location-based notifications, real-time updates, and messaging to engage with customers anytime, anywhere.


Allow your customers to automatically sign up and sign in across devices – reducing the risk of forgotten passwords and missed conversion opportunities.

Linked Offers

Deliver personalized mobile offers and recommendations to any customer that saves your loyalty card to Google Pay.

smart tap

Let your customers use loyalty cards, gift cards, and offers saved to Google Pay by simply holding their phones to NFC point‑of‑sale terminals.


Streamline your business’ ticketing with Google Pay. There’s no need for physical tickets, texts, or emails with downloadable PDFs – everything your customers need is saved and redeemable through the app.

Don’t have a loyalty program?

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