Let’s get you ready for SCA

Learn more about PSD2’s new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements – and how Google Pay can help you get ready.

What’s SCA?

SCA is a requirement of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulation which applies to payment service providers in the EEA. To meet SCA requirements, EEA businesses will need to implement two-factor authentication for most online payments1 by 31 December 2020.2

How does
Google Pay help?

Google Pay offers an optimised checkout experience for your customers, and can help you get ready for SCA through one simple integration. Google Pay enables users to authenticate on their mobile devices3 without being redirected away from your website or app, reducing checkout friction and leading to higher conversion rates.

Why does my business need to comply?

If your checkout flows don’t meet the new SCA requirements by the relevant local enforcement date, your customers’ payments may get declined. To find out more on SCA exemptions, read the regulation.

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1. There are some exemptions to SCA requirements. To see them, read the regulation.
2. Note that the UK regulator has confirmed a longer grace period of 14 September 2021. The French regulator has confirmed that the formal grace period ends on 31 December 2020 but reserves the power to extend this period by 3 months on a case-by-case basis.
3. Businesses will need to use their Payment Service Provider’s 3D Secure 2 solutions to meet SCA requirements when customers are making online payments with payment methods that aren’t linked to a mobile device.